19 May 2012

Challenge your preconceptions

To support the ideas around this blog I have started a Challenge Your Preconceptions movement. The handout below explains this in more detail.

The idea is that in June 2012 we are encouraging everyone to do two things:

  1. be aware of the preconceptions and stereotypes that you are applying to people, including being aware of whether your actions are impacted by these judgements, and
  2. pick one of your preconceptions or stereotypes and challenge it during the month.

You could challenge your preconceptions by researching the issue, reading or listening to a source of information that you would not normally consider or getting to know someone who falls into the group that you have the preconception about, so you can understand that they are more than a single story.

We would also encourage you to share any stories or revelations about this on the blog via the iamnotjusta@gmail.com email address, through the Challenge your preconceptions page on Facebook or by using the #iamnotjusta tag in Twitter. This includes stories where you are discriminated against because of a particular preconception people hold about you, and why that is not true.

Stories refuting stereotypes are particularly encouraged, so that people who might be challenging that preconception have somewhere to start understanding the counter argument, if that makes sense.

Even if you don't contribute, please share this idea with other people in your life. It really is an eye opening activity to undertake, I did it for 30 days recently and realised just how judgemental I am.

Download the Challenge your preconceptions handout here

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